I am a writer, producer and editor who has been working in storytelling and visual media for the past 25 years. Born and raised in New York, I got my start in the creative world shooting Super 8 film with my grandfather's camera in Junior High.  In addition to the camera and film projectors, he also had a reel to reel Super 8 editing system.  And that is how my journey of editing began.  After studying filmmaking and television production at Adelphi University, I began working as an editor back when you had to edit deck to deck and without computers.  Yes editing without computers, the stone age of video.

I produced and edited a series of short films which premiered at film festivals in New York and Chicago. After moving to Los Angeles in 2007 I continued to work as an editor on corporate projects and documentary shorts.  While living in South Bend, IN for the past few years, I have produced projects for non-profit organizations like Pet Refuge and McDazzle (a Ronald McDonald charity), to business promos, fashion shows, cover-model searches and music videos. 

Now back in New York, I am currently working on a new feature length screenplay and always looking for the next exciting editing project. 



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