Rest Home

Feature Screenplay

A fearful teenager tries to convince his grandfather that a series of disturbing events at the nursing home are connected to the woman across the hall, he believes is practicing witchcraft. 

Corporate Jungle

One-hour TV Pilot

A Vietnam Vet reluctantly returns home and finds adjusting to his new life in the corporate world, filled with sex, drugs and office politics, considerably more dangerous and destructive than his tours of duty.

Ain't Nothing But a Hindog

30 Minute TV Pilot

A brilliant computer programmer from Bombay, India moves to America to jump start a new life as a musician, but finds himself working as an Elvis impersonator. 


Short Script

An overworked couple discovers that their new place of business holds a terrible secret.

Jungle Fallen

Feature screenplay

Haunted by their murderous past, four soldiers find the freedom to kill comes without consequences, until a mysterious Colonel recruits them for one final mission. 


TV Pilot

When the residents of a South Florida apartment complex uncover a series of brutal attacks, all clues lead to a pre-historic creature that may be living among them. 

The Monster Inside

Short Script

A terrified young woman escapes someone or something in the woods, but the house she stumbles upon only prolongs her nightmare.